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China Daily 12 月中英双语热词汇总

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  1. 志愿者招募

volunteer recruitment


冬季奥运会 Winter Olympics

奥运会吉祥物 Olympic mascots

奥运会会歌 Olympic Hymn/Anthem

奥林匹克精神 the Olympic spirit

主办城市 host city


  1. 网络用语

online phrases

1) 不忘初心

remain true to the original aspiration

2) 道路千万条,安全第一条

on countless roads ahead, safety comes first

3) 柠檬精

green with envy

4) 好嗨哟

be so high, get really high

5) 是个狼人

someone is a badass/crackerjack

6) 雨女无瓜

none of your business

7) 硬核


8) 996  

the 996 work schedule

9) 14亿护旗手

1.4 billion guardians of the national flag

10) 断舍离

simplifying life


  1. 网络音视频

video and audio content online


信息安全 information security

防沉迷系统 anti-addiction system

信息收集 information collection

信息泄露 information leak

隐私政策 privacy policy


  1. 新能源汽车

new energy vehicle (NEV)


绿色发展 green development

潮汐车道 reversible lanes

可再生能源 renewable energy

碳足迹 carbon footprint

机动车排放标准 automobile emission standards

尾号限行 traffic restrictions based on the last digit of license plate numbers


  1. 弹幕

bullet comments

1."AWSL"是"啊,我死了"的拼音首字母缩写(the initial of "A, Wo Si Le" in Mandarin, which can be loosely translated into "Ah, I died");

2."泪目"即"眼中含泪(tears in the eyes)";

3."名场面(well-known scenes)";


5."逮虾户"是法语Deja vu的中文发音;

6."我可以(I can)";

7."欢迎回家(welcome home)";

8."注入灵魂(soul injecting)";

9."正片开始(the main body/plot of the film starts)"。


  1. 雾霾防护指南

guidelines to cut exposure to smog


空气质量指数 air quality index

沙尘天气 sand and dust weather

可吸入颗粒物 PM10

可入肺颗粒物 PM2.5

颗粒物质 particulate matter

建筑扬尘 construction dust

道路扬尘 road dust

汽车排放 vehicle emission


  1. 中国英语能力等级量表

China's Standards of English Language Ability (CSE)


语言能力量表 language proficiency scale

全国英语等级考试 Public English Test System, PETS

大学英语考试 College English Test, CET

英语专业考试 Test for English Majors, TEM

商务英语证书 Business English Certificate, BEC

外语能力测评 foreign language assessment system


  1. 年度汉字

kanji of the year


年度词 word of the year

流行词 buzzword

社交媒体词汇 social media vocabulary

表情包 emoji packs


  1. 田园生活

rural lifestyle


美食博主 food blogger

电影般的质感 cinematic quality

古风魅力 old-fashioned attractiveness

传统文化 traditional Chinese culture 


  1. 媒体十大新词

Top 10 new words from the Chinese media


nighttime economy


epoch-making year for 5G


exert maximum pressure


bring violence and chaos to an end


handling a complaint upon receipt


praise group


the year to reduce burdens on community-level officials


Bing Dwen Dwen/Shuey Rhon Rhon


pig-butchering scam


bucolic brands/agriculture business names


  1. 网络教育

online education


个人信息安全 personal information security

慕课 massive open online courses, MOOC

受教育程度 education background

教育公平 education equity


  1. 超前点播

sneak preview


古装剧 costume drama

网络小说 internet novel

额外收费 extra charge

影视改编权 film and TV adaptation rights


  1. 泰式按摩

Thai massage, nuad Thai


文化遗产 cultural heritage

文化多样性 cultural diversity

世界遗产名录 World Heritage List

申遗 bid for the World Heritage List

文化资源整合 integration of cultural resources

保护世界文化和自然遗产公约 Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage


  1. 民法典

civil code


民事活动 civil activities

民法 civil law

民事责任 civil responsibility


  1. 国企

State-owned enterprises


最理想雇主 the most desirable employer

创业 start one's own business

起薪 starting salary


  1. 年度字词

character/phrase of the year



me and my motherland


golden decade


study to make our country stronger


China-US trade talks


the most outstanding contributors




garbage sorting


pilot demonstration area


the year to reduce burdens on community-level officials


What am I supposed to do?


  1. 急救设备

first-aid kits


健康问题 health concerns

心理健康 mental health

安宁疗护 hospice/end-of-life care

用药指导 medication guides


  1. 圣诞致辞

Christmas Day message


长久以来的差异 long-held differences

根深蒂固的分歧 deep-seated divisions

和平和善意 peace and goodwill

王室公众形象 royal family's public profile