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“不达标”5A 级景区

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism conducted a review and inspection of select 5A-level scenic areas to check their resource conservation, tourist facilities and sanitation and safety management, among other services, the ministry said Wednesday.

文化和旅游部近期组织第三方专业检查员对部分5A 级旅游景区的资源保护、游览设施、环境卫生、安全管理及其他服务方面情况进行了复核检查。

旅游景区质量等级(quality rating of scenic areas)

服务质量与环境质量(quality of service and environment)



旅游安全(travel safety)


邮电服务(postal service)


资源和环境的保护(resource and environment conservation)

游客意见(tourists feedback)



Chinese online service providers and users will be blacklisted if they fabricate, post or spread information that violates social morality, business ethnics or honesty toward the public, according to a proposed regulation.


公开征求意见(public opinion is now being solicited)

诚信网络(honest cyberspace)

防止出现失信行为(prevent dishonest behavior)

网络公信力(online credibility)



China has unveiled measures to stabilize the job market, with steps to establish an early warning mechanism for large-scale layoffs and unemployment risks amid mounting downward pressure on the economy.


施稳增长(stabilize growth)

助创业(promote entrepreneurship)

调查失业率(surveyed unemployment rate)

城镇登记失业率(registered urban unemployment rate)

政府工作报告(government work report)


新中国成立 70 周年

the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

装甲车 armored vehicles

水陆两栖车 amphibious cars

反恐演练 anti-terrorism exercises

防爆演练 anti-riot exercises

海空联合巡逻 joint air and sea patrols

社会秩序 social order

公共安全 public security



The notice was issued after the department received a growing number of complaints from parents that some foreign teachers in some training agencies were not qualified, and a few of them were tourists.



省教育厅 Provincial Department of Education

外专局 local department of foreign expert affairs

培训机构 training agency

工作许可 work permit

居留许可 residence permit

遵守法律法规 abide by laws and regulations



The university said it decided not to enroll the two students because "it would be hard for them to complete their studies as their grades were considerably lower than their peers".


缩小城乡教育差距(narrow the gap between urban and rural schools)

国家专项计划(National Special Program)

贫困地区学生(students in poverty-stricken areas)

地方专项计划(Local Special Program)

高校专项计划(Special Program for Colleges and Universities)

边远、贫困、民族等地区(remote, impoverished and ethnic regions)



小王认为迪士尼乐园制定的规则侵犯了自身合法权益,提起诉讼,向法院提出了两点诉讼请求: 一、确认上海迪士尼乐园禁止游客携带食品入园的格式条款无效(overturn the no-outside-food-and-drink policy)

赔偿原告损失(compensate her loss)

服务合同纠纷(service contract dispute)

霸王条款(imparity clause)

侵犯了消费者的权益(infringe consumer rights and interests)

上海迪士尼乐园关于外带食品与饮料入园的规定与中国的大部分主题乐园一致( the "no outside food and beverage" rule is consistent with many other theme parks across China)

若游客自己携带食品或饮料,欢迎游客在乐园外的休息区域享用(guests are welcome to enjoy their own food and beverages outside the park)。

 酒精饮料(alcoholic beverages)

超过 600 毫升的非酒精饮料(nonalcoholic beverages over 600 milliliters)


国产“人造肉”月饼 9 月上市

Mooncakes filled with lab-grown meat will go on sale in China for the first time in September.

今年 9 月,“人造肉”馅儿的月饼将在我国首次上市销售。


人造肉,在英语里的叫法有 lab-grown meat,cultured meat、slaughter-free meat 以及 clean meat 等,从名字可以看出,这种肉并不是通过大规模饲养动物并宰杀来获取肉类产品,而是在实验室里利用植物蛋白(vegetable protein)或动物干细胞(animal stem cells)制造出的肉。



China has released an overall plan about the country's new western land-sea corridor to deepen the sea-land two-way opening-up and the development of western China, according to the National Development and Reform Commission. The plan covers the period from 2019 to 2025 with an outlook extended to 2035.

国家发展改革委印发《西部陆海新通道总体规划》,深化陆海双向开放、推进西部大开发。规划期为 2019 年至 2025 年,展望到 2035 年。

西部陆海新通道(new western land-sea corridor)

西部地区腹地(the hinterlands of the western regions)

丝绸之路经济带(the Silk Road Economic Belt)

21 世纪海上丝绸之路(the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road)

长江经济带(the Yangtze River economic belt)



A number of nursery schools using Shanghai dialect as their standard instructional language have emerged, becoming a new option for many Shanghai parents.


“Many parents are beginning to realize their children are not the only ones that cannot speak Shanghai dialect,” said principal of a dialect-oriented nursery.



《哪吒》要“出海” 澳新和北美定档

Congratulations to the incredibly talented director Jiaozi@饺子导演 on the amazing success of Ne Zha. Many, many congratulations to you on the new record! We'll definitely be seeing Ne Zha in theaters on 8.29. P.S. Ne Zha, a boy or girl?

《哪吒》表现优异,祝贺才华横溢的@饺子导演。对你们的新纪录表示热烈祝贺!8 月 29 号《哪吒》(在北美)上映的时候,我们一定会去看的。PS,哪吒是男孩还是女孩?



The People's Bank of China (PBOC) announced Sunday that it will replace the loan benchmark interest rate with the loan prime rate (LPR) as a benchmark for setting the interest rate of newly issued commercial individual housing loans.

8 月 25 日,中国人民银行宣布新发放商业性个人住房贷款利率的定价基准将由贷款基准利率变换为贷款市场报价利率。

贷款市场报价利率(loan prime rate,简称 LPR)

全国银行间同业拆借中心(National Interbank Loans Center)

存贷款基准利率(benchmark deposit and lending rate)

房子是用来住的,不是用来炒的(housing is for living in, not for speculation)

房地产市场长效管理机制(a long-term management mechanism for the real estate market)



发展海洋特色产业(develop the marine economy)

探索中日韩三国地方经济合作(explore China-Japan-Republic of Korea economic cooperation at the sub-national level)

实体经济创新发展(innovative development of real economy)

产业转型升级示范区(demonstration zone for industrial tranformation and upgrade)

面向东盟的国际陆海贸易新通道(new channel for international land-sea trade targeting ASEAN)

对东盟合作先行先试示范区(pilot zone of cooperation with the ASEAN region)

国际商贸物流重要枢纽(key hub for international trade and logistics)

国际大宗商品贸易(international commodity trade)

创新沿边跨境经济合作模式(innovate modes of cross-border economic cooperation)

深化产业结构调整(deepen industrial structure adjustment)

建设面向俄罗斯及东北亚的交通物流枢纽(build a transportation and logistics hub to facilitate cooperation with Russia and Northeast Asia)

完善风险防控和处置机制(improve mechanism of risk control and response)

维护国家安全和社会安全(safeguard national and social security)

高标准高质量建设自贸试验区(build high-quality free trade pilot zones with high standards)